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[Saturday; April 13th 2013]
Hello, my names Ellie and I'm aiming to lose 15 pounds. I've tried various ways of losing this weight but am rubbish at sticking to fancy diets and just can't resist the tempting foods I love. Therefore maybe blogging about my food intake will help me reduce it to achieve that summer body (most of us) are so desperate for! I am aiming on between 1200-1500 calories per day to reach my goal by July. I regularly exercise at the gym, although that could be done WAY more often! I also try to take part in an hours badminton session once a week, however this is often not possible:S so as this is my first blog ill tell you how I ate yesterday...

Friday 12th April 2013

Weight: 10st 6lbs
Breakfast: bowl of shreddies
Coffee with milk and sugar
Lunch: bagel with jam and butter
Mini cheddars
Cherry drops
Dinner: cheesy pasta with mushrooms, bacon and chicken (much to large portion!!)
Snacks: caramel latte
Mcvities medly bar
Exercise: 400 calories in the gym
Calories: 1600

Didn't eat too well yesterday as went back for seconds at dinner time and continued to have pudding even when I knew I was stuffed!! However I did do well in the gym!! Today is a new day and I'm going to try sooooo hard to meet my calorie goal!

Ellie x
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slim quick? [Wednesday; June 20th 2007]
Hi, I haven't posted in forever...
But recently while at the gym as well as feeling really depressed about not losing a significant amount of weight/inches &constantly going to the gym &hardly eating much but eating well &healthy..
Well I came across this commerical for slimquick fat burning pills for women.

Basically it helps women burn fat quicker

Since you girls all know that its extremely hard for us to lose weight but men seem to put no effort and drop opounds &inches ever so quickly.

So I was wondering if anyone has heard anything or has tried the slimquick fat burning pill?

Thanks for any help.
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[Tuesday; May 15th 2007]

VERY good day :o)Collapse )

...assuming that i don't snack after we go out to dinner (and that is a risky assumption to make... although even if i do, i have 380 cals left for that) =o)

and, i finally got some exercise in... only 18 minutes and i was dying, but i chalk that up to a combo of allergies (seasonal), exercise induced asthma (very mild) and being out of shape (...oops)

also, water intake is as of right now, and i'm assuming i'll have at least another pint or 2 with dinner, so hence the "88 oz +"
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slightly less good than the past few days... [Saturday; May 12th 2007]

[ mood | mellow ]

the boyfriend ordered breakfast, and i grabbe some dinner with some friends, so this was the best i could do... stll goot though, for me, as it's under 2000 for the day (well, unless i snack more later...)

hopefully i'll start getting exercise in there tomorrw or at least monday!

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another gooood dayyyy :o) [Saturday; May 12th 2007]

[ mood | accomplished ]

dayCollapse )

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[Thursday; May 10th 2007]

[ mood | energetic ]

good day :o)Collapse )

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[Wednesday; May 9th 2007]

Name | Maggie
Age | 18
Height | 5'6
Weight | 129 lbs.
Measurements | 36/28.5/37
Foods | Oatmeal and cottage cheese for breakfast, a boca burger or salad or GoLean cereal for lunch, stir fry for dinner, yogurt for a snack. Usually I have some kind of low-call ice cream sometime throughout the day becuase I am a little addicted.. Even though its only 90 calories I would kind of like to curb that addiction.
Workout | I do strength training 3 days a week on nonconsecutive days so my muscles can rebuild themselves. I have dumbbells and do various arm exercises as well as 200 crunches. I want to do 100 crunches on each non-strength training day but I have an awful memory to do so. I also ride my bike everywhere within reason. I live very close to a bike path that is 14 miles long, and I am about 2 miles from one end of it, so usually I bike to that end and back. I hope that one day this summer I can do the whole thing!!
Goals | I used to weigh 118 lbs, and I had a stomach that I was actually really proud of. I did crunches everyday and whenever I flexed and people touched my abs, they were impressed. Since I have been away at school I gained the freshman fifteen (no lie, I gained fifteen pounds) becuase it is literally impossible to be healthy in that fucking cafeteria. So, I now plan to eat healthy and exercise so I can get back to the weight I was happy at.
Currently | I am really bad about remembering to exercise, so I need to get myself into a routine so I will actually do my cardio everyday and I will do my strength training 3 times a week. Currently my computer cord for my camera is missing, but I have a picture of my face.

If any of you have any suggestions to remind myself to exercise, that would be really really awesome.
Also, feel free to add me. I would love to have friends that have similar goals to me.
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[Sunday; June 4th 2006]

Due to extreme medical issues, including being in a wheelchair now, I am no longer allowed to do many aerobic programs and I'm selling some of my stuff on ebay. There are no reserve fees and everything starts at around $.01 or $1.00. I hope this post is allowed and doesn't offend. Thanks.
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[Tuesday; May 23rd 2006]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi I was wondering if there are any good exercises I can do at home until school gets out that will help flatten my tummy and tone my thighs? (those are two BIG problem areas for me)
When summer comes, I'm joining the gym and starting pilates! ^_^

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[Monday; May 22nd 2006]

I have a question;
So in order to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume? My doctor told me I should eat 1200 calories a day to lose weight, so I should burn more than that? However I've been eating about 500 a day, do I still have to burn more than 500 calories?
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Now Open! [Tuesday; February 28th 2006]

A community for fitness&nutrition!
run by virtuous&alluringheart
Please read the userinfo to join & remember to be active!
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